Great Deals on Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitars in Edmonton

Itโ€™s never too late to learn to play an instrument! At Gold’N Loan Pawnshop Ltd, find a collection of acoustic or bass guitars in Edmonton. We offer a wide range of musical instruments you can choose from. You can also find pre-owned guitars, drums, brass and woodwind instruments, and more at our store. We cater to the Edmonton-based musicians and producers, as well as many yet-to-be-discovered bands and beginner instrumentalists.

Whether you need to purchase musical instruments or sell them, stop by our pawn shop and choose from brands such as:

  • ๎‚ŽLine 6
  • ๎‚ŽFender
  • ๎‚ŽVox
  • ๎‚ŽYamaha
  • ๎‚ŽGibson
  • ๎‚ŽMarshall
  • ๎‚ŽGretsch
  • ๎‚ŽJackson
  • ๎‚ŽIbanez

Buy Used Musical Instruments Online

Click the link below to purchase our pre-owned musical instruments online.

Visit Us In Stores

You can also visit our store to purchase pre-owned musical instruments.


Visit our pawnshop to buy a drummer set. We have a variety of drums and percussion accessories in stock.

Brass Instruments

Get your band together and shop our diverse assortment of brass instruments. You will find:

  1. Trumpets
  2. Saxophones
  3. Flugelhorns

Woodwind Instruments

Donโ€™t pay over-the-top prices for your next concert instrument. Play in an orchestra or a small classical band with one of the woodwind instruments available at our pawn store. Our diverse assortment of instruments includes:

  1. Flutes
  2. Clarinets
  3. Oboes

Amplifiers, Effect Processors, and Pedals

Get your sound right with the effect processors and pedals from Gold’N Loan Pawnshop Ltd. You can also count on us for a full line of guitar amps including combos, heads, and complete cabinets.

Ukulele guitar

Acoustic Guitars

Pick the right acoustic guitar among our selection and discover your sound for country music. You can start practicing your favourite songs to brighten up evenings and family parties.

Electric Guitars

Find the right axe from our collection of electric guitars. We buy and sell solid body, semi-hollow body and hollow body guitars from various manufacturers.

Bass Guitars

Whether you keep the beat in an up-and-coming rock band or youโ€™re just learning your instrument, you can find fretted or fretless basses at our shop. You can also sell us your old bass guitar.

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