Turn to Us for Pre-owned Sports Goods in Edmonton

Are you aiming for a better and healthy life while keeping within your budget? Take full advantage of our range of pre-owned sports goods in Edmonton. You can start a fit way to life from today with the collection of used bicycles, golf clubs and hockey equipment at Gold’N Loan Pawnshop Ltd. We offer sports gear and equipment in different sizes, both for children and adults at a cheap price.

Buy Sporting Goods Online

You can buy used bicycles, golf clubs, hockey equipment, skates, skis, and snowboards online. Click the link below.

Visit Us In Stores

You can also visit our store to purchase pre-owned sporting goods.

Hockey Equipment and Skates

Kids outgrow their skates fast and this can be frustrating as parents when you need to buy them a new pair soon. At our store, you will find a great selection of skate sizes and inexpensive hockey equipment for children and adults.

Skis and Snowboards

Spend your winter vacation skiing and snowboarding at the local slopes and ski areas of Edmonton. You will find all you need to take advantage of the winter opportunities at our store.

Bicycles & Golf Clubs

Sports bicycles and golf clubs are generally expensive and buying these end up in paying huge chunk of the budget. At our prices, you will be able to purchase a bike and also find a set of golf clubs that perfectly suit you while you save some money. We have irons, woods, wedges and putters to choose from!

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